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Prada Sunglasses


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    Ophthalmic Glasses Prada PR 01OS 2AU6E1 - Brown, Havanna
    Ophthalmic Glasses Prada PR 50TS 1AB6E1 - Black
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    Prada sunglasses

    - from Purveyor to the Royal Court to the peak of contemporary fashion

    When the two brothers Mario and Martino Prada opened their company Fratelli Prada in 1913, no one yet knew how much sought-after the name would become in the world of fashion. The first shop was opened in Milan, specializing in leather goods, such as handbags, shoes and suitcases. The leatherwork of the two brothers was of such high quality that soon the Royal House of Savoy got wind of it and made the company its Purveyor to the Royal Court. This can be still seen today in the logo of the luxury company: it is the House of Savoy s coat of arms with the four figure-eight-knots . When Mario Prada died in 1958, his daughter Luise took over the management of the company. In 1978, Luise Prada bequeathed it to her children Miuccia, Alberto and Marina Prada and withdrew completely from the business. This was the starting shot for the rise of the Italian fashion label. Above all, it was Miuccia who greatly contributed to the success of the company through her fine instinct for fashionable cuts and incredibly creative approach to fabrics. It was she who also designed the collection with polyester parachute nylon in 1985, which was very popular with its simple but modern cuts. The good reputation of the Prada model label was raised to a still higher level by Miuccia's talent.

    A full-blown counterfeiting industry rapidly emerged, copying the popular products of the luxury label.

    (Read further down to find out how you can recognize fake Prada sunglasses).

    When Miuccia met the Italian businessman Patrizio Bertelli in 1978, the Prada brand was raised to an even higher level. He not only became her husband but was also the owner of a leather goods company which became the supplier to Prada. To date Bertelli has been the CEO of the Group, also contributing to the success of the company.

    In 2000, the Italian label launched the first Prada sunglasses collection. This included both sunglasses and prescription glasses and is now firmly established within the Prada range of products.

    How can I recognize a Prada original?

    With Prada sunglasses and Prada prescription glasses, there are certain criteria to check their authenticity. The Prada glasses come in a Prada box containing a Prada glasses case. In addition, a booklet is delivered which contains information, also proving the authenticity of the Prada glasses. A Prada cleaning cloth is included in the case, too. The Prada logo, a number and the words "Made in Italy" are engraved on the inside of the temples. The serial number and the Prada logo are also engraved in the corner of the lenses.

    As the counterfeiters are also aware of these authenticity signs, you should also pay attention to the quality of the eyewear and the engravings. The latter should, for example, not be able to be scraped off.

    How do I combine the style of Prada sunglasses?

    The age of the wearer does not matter with Prada sunglasses for women. The different collections offer more than just one perfect frame for fashion-loving spectacle wearers.

    The Prada sunglasses PR 01os, for example, enhances the style of both young girls and mature women. The sunglasses impress by simple elegance, with sophisticated gold inserts and the coloured temples adding the final touch. The shape is also an all-rounder. Rounded, with a penchant to a Butterfly shape, they are a voguish accessory from Prada, with which you can pimp any attire. Whether worn with a casual shirt and denim shorts, a light summer dress or an elegant costume, these Prada sunglasses for women enhance every outfit and can be combined with almost anything.

    If you are looking for something more modern, but do not want to miss the mark, you can choose the model PR 53SS, where the connection between Prada and MiuMiu is detectible. The rather chunky frame is once again perfectly showcased by the golden temples. The shape, which is partly reminiscent of the Butterfly shape, is a little more distinctive than that of the classic models, but is totally trendy right now.

    How do I find my perfect Prada sunglasses?

    With the 3D fitting at, you can simply try on your eyeglasses to find your ideal model. Our Digital Optician helps to provide your sunglasses with your prescription lenses. In addition, we offer free return shipping so you can easily try on the glasses at home.

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