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Armani Sunglasses

The Instant Classic from the House of Giorgio Armani

"Winners never quit and quitters never win," is a famous quote from Vince Lombardi

. At the time, however, the NFL coaching legend had not heard Giorgio Armani's success story. Because sometimes you must end something to fully concentrate on a new creative process. That's why the fashion icon born in Piacenza broke off his medical studies and turned to a world that better suited his skills.

As an enrichment to us all, Armani took the risk of turning his passion into a profession. The first point of contact the designer had with the fashion world was as a window dresser and later as a decorator for fashion shows. When he was employed by the fashion buyer and director of the Milanese men's boutique La Rinascente, he finally made his successful entry into the fashion industry.

Not long afterwards, Armani worked under the trained eyes of the famous fashion designer Nino Cerutti, while as a freelancer he had already thrown his creative hat into the ring at Zegna and Ungaro. His time finally came in 1975 when the Italian designer founded his own label together with his partner Sergio Galeotti.

Under the Eagle logo, which symbolizes strength, Armani now flew solo and initially took the world by storm with his elegant menswear. After the death of Galeotti, Armani took over his company shares and his duties. Even today, he still monitors and controls all company-related processes like a Sun King.

And the result speaks for itself. Armani has been synonymous with glamour and splendour in the fashion industry for more than forty years. His obsession with detail and lack of compromise were probably the deciding factors that enabled him to make his way to the top.

However, to hold its own at the top, the Italian company has been steadily evolving, expanding its product range and successfully transforming itself from a fashion to a lifestyle brand, making a name for itself in a wide range of industries. Apart from the fashion lines, Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani Collezioni, these also include interiors from Armani Casa, flowers from Armani Fiori and chocolates from Armani Dolci. Even in the mineral water business, the Milan company has gained recognition with Aqua Armani.

And even the world of sport has not been spared the influence of this designer. In 2008, Armani acquired the top basketball club and Italian record champion Olimpia Milano, which has since been named EA7-Emporio Armani Milano. But that's not the end of the list, as the Italian has also gained a foothold in the gastronomic industry (cafes, sushi bars, confectionery, restaurants), in the wellness sector, as well as in the hotel business and in book publishing.

Armani has also left his indelible stamp on the eyewear industry. His creations emphasize every look, accentuate each personal style and always leave a lasting impression ... no matter where, no matter when. Characteristic of the Armani creations are minimalism and muted colours. Sophisticated elegance permeates all his collections of sunglasses, without having to rely on eccentric accessories to stand out from the crowd.

It is this fact that makes Armani Eyewear an object of desire for every counterfeiter on this planet. Millions of imitations of the Armani fashion brand are in circulation. But Armani originals remain unattainable for product counterfeiting, especially in the areas of quality and attention to detail.

Apart from the price, which is a first indicator, absolute attention should be paid to the serial number and the received stamped certificate of authenticity. In addition, the logo should be consistent in the spacing and the lettering should all be the same size. The puristic designs of the Armani Collection not only highlight your personal style but are also the best indicators to distinguish the original from a fake.

Armani Sunglasses with a Star Cast

Many celebrities and athletes are enthusiastic fans of Armani's stylish sunglasses. In addition to Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes, Prince Charles is also one of the brand aficionados. It's not surprising that Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton, singer Bono of U2 or actor Ryan Gosling belong to the enthusiasts of the designer glasses. Whether on the beaches of the Caribbean, at horse races in Ascot or on the ski slopes around the world, Armani sunglasses always cut a fine figure.

High Quality Designer Frames and Designs of Armani Sunglasses

Armani's fashionable sunglasses convince with their unusual (AR8072, AR6050), puristic designs (AR6058J) and delightfully coloured designer frames (AR8096, AR8075, AR6054). With refined and clear lines (AR6049, AR8087), as well as scratch-resistant and sturdy lenses (AR6051), trendy style is combined with exclusive materials (AR8090). Perfect appearance arises from the combination of luxurious acetates (AR8091, AR8076) and graceful eyewear shapes (AR8093). And it goes without saying that the UV protection will never let you down in glaring sunlight, making Armani sunglasses the ideal companion in all situations. Both the fashionable Giorgio Armani AR8088, as well as the Giorgio Armani AR8047 make a statement at every vernissage, every event or at a family barbecue. Italians do not know any limits when choosing their favourite designer glasses. When you are looking for Armani spare parts or Armani replacement lenses, you can always count on us to help you with advice and assistance.

Which Glasses Suit Me?

If you are looking for Armani sunglasses, you are spoilt for choice. The pilot glasses (AR6024, AR6037) with tinted lenses, which emanate masculinity and fashion awareness, have long been proven. In contrast, Armani designer glasses in trapezoid or cat eye shapes (AR8082) and fashionable colours from gray (AR6051) to gold (AR6055) emphasize the look of every self-confident woman. To find the right Armani, an online fitting where you can try on your spectacles directly, is an obvious choice. Still not found the right sunglasses? Then our blog can certainly be of assistance. About repairs, our Master of Glasses can always come up with some helpful tips.

Once the choice has been made, our digital dispensing optician will help you with the appropriate values for your prescription eyewear and, of course, with the search for the right lenses. Whether you decide on an Armani transparent (AR8085) or matt (AR6043) depends entirely on your taste. After all, when you decide to buy glasses the maxim applies: everyone according to their own style!

If you have discovered your favourite model, you can buy designer glasses online at a cheap price. And you can just send your Armani sunglasses back if you change your mind. However, individually made prescription glasses cannot be reimbursed, unless there are technical defects. If you have any questions, just call the customer support team via our local telephone number or speak directly to our staff in one of our two Hamburg stores.

Our Individual Service

For any questions you may have while buying glasses, you have the option to contact the customer support at any time. We are always available with our concentrated expertise, both in the digital or analogue world. Find out quickly and easily by going to one of our two Hamburg stores in the AEZ or on Ottensener Hauptstraße 33 to get professional and individual advice. In addition, easy shipping, free return and a wide range of payment methods make shopping for sunglasses online easier. This makes browsing a real visual treat.

About us

If you want to buy Armani sunglasses online at a cheap price, we are the right place to contact. In the online shop you will find various glasses at unbeatable prices. As eyewear specialists for fashion enthusiastic customers, we offer only the highest quality glasses under the motto SEE AND BE SEEN at absolutely cheap prices. Armani sunglasses are also reduced and products from the in-house sale are also available here. Check out our glasses online now or let yourself be carried away to the extraordinary world of Edel-Optics in their stores in Hamburg.

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