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New collection of Emporio Armani Eyewear

Georgio Armani is a world-famous luxury brand, which is always striking and surprising by its unique designs. The recent label Emporio Armani belongs to this elegant and established fashion brand. It was founded in 1974 personally by Georgio Armani and besides clothing, the company also manufactures Emporio Armani Eyewear. This high-quality and trendy brand does not only offer models for a better vision - the Emporio Armani eyeglasses are also an extraordinary accessory for every occasion. The Emporio Armani Eyewear for women and Emporio Armani Eyewear for men offer everyone a large choice of eyeglasses. The manufacturer Luxoticca produces high-quality Emporio Armani glasses for over 20 years and is well-known for its design and guaranteed performance. When purchasing your Emporio Armani glasses, always pay attention to the country of origin to distinguish it from a fake one. There has to be Made in Italy" sign written inside the glasses, otherwise it is not an original. In addition, the logo, the spectacle case and the serial number of eyeglasses provide information about the authenticity of the product. The logo should be on the spectacle cleaning cloth as well as on the spectacle case itself. The serial number can be checked on the Internet. This year, the Emporio Armani Eyewear Collection 2017 has a lot to offer. We could recommend to you, for example, transparent Emporio Armani Eyeglasses EA9655 lxq or Emporio Armani Eyeglasses EA9655 li1 in black and white. In the Emporio Armani Eyewear catalog you can get an overview of the new models.

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Emporio Armani Eyewear and John Oliver

Also the celebrities like this eyewear label. The TV host John Oliver is no longer seen without his Emporio Armani glasses. The British man, who lives in America, has been successfully running the show "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" since 2014.

Different technologies, same premium quality

The extraordinary collections of Emporio Armani Eyewear include both sunglasses and eyeglasses. While the sunglasses delight with its high UV protection, the eyeglasses have high-quality lenses for vision correction. The Emporio Armani frames come in a wide variety of shapes. For example, the Emporio Armani plastic frame promises long-term durability while maintaining the same quality and high wearing comfort. All Emporio Armani frames are well-known for their design and quality - no matter whether they are round, rectangular, brown, black, plastic, full rim or borderless. To support the longevity of your glasses, you have the opportunity to purchase Emporio Armani Eyewear cases. They protect the temples of your glasses from scratches, dirt and other environmental conditions.

Which glasses suit me the best?

Finding the glasses that suit you is sometimes not so easy. In addition to the black Emporio Armani glasses with mat finish, other frames are available in a wide range of colors. Starting from the gray Emporio Armani glasses, over to the blue Emporio Armani glasses to the green Emporio Armani glasses, there is a frame for every taste. We offer you also multicolor glasses, for example, the white and black Emporio Armani glasses EA9413 omm. To protect your glasses, an Emporio Armani spectacle case is included in every order. If you already know what characteristics your new glasses should have, you can specify this in the filter. Then you will receive your wish-list directly in form of different glasses suggestions. If you are still uncertain about your decision, you can upload your picture and try the glasses virtually, or you can simply ship the glasses to your home. Our digital optics masters are happy to help you choose the right glasses.

Our service

If you have any questions about certain eyeglasses or about your order, you can contact the customer service via a local telephone number. If you would rather contact us personally, you are very welcome to visit one of our stores in Hamburg - here we are at your service. Once you have chosen your glasses, you can choose between a standard or express delivery. If you do not like the shipped glasses, you can send them back to us free of charge. However, individually made lenses cannot be returned. If the shipping is damaged, we will take it back and refund you the full price.

About us

We are the specialists for your glasses. Our slogan - SEE AND BE SEEN - reflects our fashion affinity and the trend consciousness that we pursue. Are you searching for new Emporio Armani glasses at the best price? We will do our best in helping you to accomplish successfully your search by offering competent and reliable consultancy service. You can find discounted Emporio Armani glasses in a wide variety of shapes in our Emporio Armani outlet at great prices. In addition, you can take a look at the Jérôme Boateng collection - the football player, selected as the "Best Dressed Man 2015", who fascinates with his new eyewear collection. The fashion-conscious JB collection is available at Edel-optics.

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